Hire Steve to speak

Looking for a speaker with a different take on local and national politics and culture?  Steve Brawner is a syndicated columnist published in 10 newspapers and at independentarkansas.com. He has published an education magazine for 10 years and covered other issues such as transportation and health care extensively. He also frequently appears on AETN’s “Arkansas Week” television show. Steve previously served as communications director for Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller.

As a columnist and blogger, Steve’s goal is to provide an avenue for concerned citizens to talk, not yell, and to think independently.  He offers insights into  Arkansas and national politics, with a special emphasis on state government issues. What are the trends? Who are the major players? What major pieces of legislation could be enacted in the next legislative session? Steve can help answer all of these questions.

This is an angry time. While others sow division, Steve shows how Americans could be united by their common challenges. His  philosophy – “future generationism” – transcends typical political labels. He says American politics must stop being held captive to short-term political fights and

instead focus on what’s best for our children and grandchildren. In other words, it’s not OK to burden future Americans with a $20 trillion national debt.

In an age when so much divides us, future generationism is an idea that could unite us. Steve says Americans should demand that both Republicans and Democrats become posterity parties. If they refuse, then it’s time to form a Posterity Party ourselves.

Steve wants to make you think, but he doesn’t want to make you angry. There’s already enough people doing that.

Want to hire Steve to speak at your next event? Call or text him at 501.847.7743, or email him at brawnersteve@mac.com.

What others say about Steve Brawner

Steve Brawner is an outstanding speaker who challenges his audience to move beyond polarizing political sound bites.  When he talked to my Leadership class about politics, power, and influence, they all commented to me how he helped them understand and think about complex realities.  He’s a speaker I’ll definitely invite back. – Dr. Paul Beran, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith chancellor

Of recent speakers we have enjoyed at Senior Democrats of Northwestern Arkansas, Steve Brawner stands out because he gave a balanced informative talk about the current political situation in Arkansas. Steve is an independent with a good grasp on the broad spectrum of political thought in our state.  He is an impressive truth teller. – Georgia Ross