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Here’s the latest Arkansas Week

Host Steve Barnes hosts AETN’s Arkansas Week with KUAR’s Sarah Whites-Koditschek, Talk Business & Politics’ Wes Brown, and Independent Arkansas’ Steve Brawner. Topics include:

  • The Supreme Court’s ruling on state General Improvement Funds
  • Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen’s lawsuit over the Supreme Court removing him from death penalty cases
  • The Arkansas economy
  • Las Vegas.

Raise taxes? Yes, say some voters – for schools

By Steve Brawner

Who wants higher taxes? In at least 13 Arkansas communities, the answer Sept. 19 was, “We’ll pay them, for our local schools.”

That’s how many school districts voted to increase property taxes during the annual school elections. Voters chose to erase all or much of the tax cuts provided by Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the Legislature during the past two legislative sessions. Meanwhile, voters in eight districts said no to millage increases.

The increases occurred in communities across the state, from Berryville in the state’s northwest corner to Dumas in southeastern Arkansas. The largest increase was 8.4 mills at the Cutter Morning Star district around Hot Springs for a new high school and arena. Fifty-nine percent of voters approved raising their taxes by $168 a year on a $100,000 home. In DeQueen, 61 percent said yes to a 4.9-mill increase to replace the crowded high school. The 50-year-old building was designed for 60-80 students per grade; they’ve since grown to about 200. The district, which is 63 percent Hispanic, had the state’s lowest millage rate before the vote.  Continue reading Raise taxes? Yes, say some voters – for schools

Key: LRSD school board elections could happen next year

Education Commissioner Johnny Key, right, answers questions from Clinton School Dean Skip Rutherford.

By Steve Brawner

The Little Rock School District could have a school board election so it can be returned to local control as early as May but more likely in November, Education Commissioner Johnny Key said Wednesday.

During a question and answer session at the Clinton School of Public Service, Key was asked by Dean Skip Rutherford to name the earliest possible date the LRSD could be released from state control.

Continue reading Key: LRSD school board elections could happen next year