Vote for Hugh Jidette? We have been.

The Pete Peterson Foundation, one of the few voices for fiscal sanity in America, has started a new campaign, the OweNo campaign, to try to start a serious discussion about the national debt.

To do that, they are using a little humor by creating a fictional presidential candidate, Hugh Jidette. (Get it? Huge Debt.) Jidette proudly proclaims a campaign platform based on increasing the debt we pass on to our children and grandchildren. His fictional television audience is shocked by his promise, but they shouldn’t be: That’s exactly the kind of candidate we have been electing for 30 years, except they have been less honest about it.

Will Sen. Boozman, Sen. Pryor, and Reps. Crawford, Griffin, Womack and Ross be “Hugh Jidette” supporters, or will they stand up for future generations. I’ll be watching.

Here’s one of the Hugh Jidette campaign commercials.

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