Palin in Little Rock

Sarah Palin signed copies of her new book at a Little Rock Sam’s Club but didn’t talk to the news media. Jason Tolbert has his usual excellent take here.

Palin’s camp had told reporters that she would not talk to them, and she didn’t. According to Tolbert, they were told not to ask questions or “she will get mad.”

I’ve got no problem with Palin refusing to take questions at this event. I do have a problem with her refusing ever to take questions from anyone other than her co-workers and cheerleaders at Fox News, and then justifying it by claiming that she’s being victimized by the “lamestream media.” But that’s another post.

My question for the local media is, why play ball with her? If she wants you there only for free exposure, don’t give it to her. Acknowledge that she was here. Point out her refusal to take questions. Include the comment by the jittery handler. But don’t put her picture on the front page of the B section. Don’t lead the evening news with her.

Stop being used by this person who is creating a cult following and getting rich by trashing you. That’s really lame.

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