Libertarians turn in sigs; should be on ballot

A core belief of independentarkansas is that the political system is broken and unable to reform itself.

That’s why the news that the Libertarian Party of Arkansas seemingly has gathered more than enough signatures to qualify for the ballot is welcome. The party announced that it has gathered 16,139 signatures, far more than the 10,000 required. No Libertarian has ever run for elected office in Arkansas except for president of the United States.

Libertarians fill a niche neither of the two parties currently fill – they are economic conservatives (like Republicans) and social liberals (like Democrats). Its candidates will be for lower taxes and pro-choice on abortion. Having never had power, they tend to be consistent in their views – and occasionally extreme, to their detriment. They’ll have to decide to moderate their views, or at least their rhetoric, if they want start winning elections.

Regardless, they are welcome on my ballot and might get a few of my votes if they run the right candidates. The best way to reform the two major parties is to make them afraid candidates who are not a part of their duopoly might actually win an election.

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