Four crazy ideas to fix our broken political system

If anyone has ever needed proof that America’s political system is broken, look no further than exhibit A: the debt ceiling debate. Congress and the president cannot even agree on paying the debts we have, much less preventing future debt.

It’s not enough just to replace the current occupants of Congress and the White House. It’s time for creative, structural solutions to our nation’s problems.

In this week’s Arkansas News Bureau column, I offer four for your consideration: replacing the Electoral College with the popular vote; four-year terms for both House and Senate members so that we end the two-year election cycle; creating an optional system whereby congressional candidates can access public campaign funds in exchange for a promise not to accept private donations; and reforming the redistricting process.

Maybe these are all crazy ideas, but then, what’s happening now in Washington is truly insane. It’s rattling the markets and putting the government’s credit rating at risk.

Got any crazy ideas of your own? Please email me or post them in my comments section, and I’ll reference them in a future column.

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