CNBC ranks Arkansas 33rd overall in business survey

Arkansas ranks first in the cost of doing business in a new CNBC survey but 33rd overall, one worse than last year.

The state ranked first in the cost of doing business and fourth in cost of living but fared poorly in the usual suspects: 45th in quality of life (I beg to differ); 44th in technology and innovation (sounds about right); 44th in business friendliness, meaning its legal and regulatory environment (GOP, this is your chance to help the state); and 40th in infrastructure and transportation (not going to fix that one this year).

Virginia was ranked first while Texas was second, so get ready to hear from the Legislature’s Rick Perry caucus.

Here’s the link to the story.

2 thoughts on “CNBC ranks Arkansas 33rd overall in business survey

  1. The Rick Perry caucus and all other Texas worshipers need to realize that every state can’t be Texas (and when it comes to some things, thank God for that). I would argue that luck more than politics made Texas what it is. It’s size, the large amount of energy resources, and its bordering the gulf all add up to a state that is the perfect blend to succeed. And some of our country’s rabid anti-immigrant citizens may not want to hear this, but a copious amount of cheap, and illegal at times, Hispanic labor probably didn’t hurt either.

    You could put almost anybody in the governor’s seat and it would probably hum right along. I mean, from 2000-2008 all Americans got to witness what Texas had previously dealt with in the executive chair. And somehow the state still turned out alright.

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