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Next for David Couch, medical pot’s author? Independent group would draw legislative lines

David Couch
Arkansas’ four congressional districts.

David Couch, the man who legalized medical marijuana in Arkansas, has another one up his sleeve.

The attorney who sponsored the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment in 2016 is working with potential backers on an initiative that would let voters create a seven-member independent citizens commission to draw congressional and state legislative lines.

Couch said he polled the issue last summer and found statewide support in the 60s. Democrats overwhelmingly supported it, independents strongly did and even a majority of Republicans were in favor. Continue reading Next for David Couch, medical pot’s author? Independent group would draw legislative lines

Democrats’ DCCC targeting French Hill

French Hill, Maria
Rep. French Hill represents Arkansas’ 2nd District.

Voters in central Arkansas’ 2nd District might, possibly, maybe experience something that doesn’t happen that much in congressional races – a real, contested campaign. That’s because national Democrats are targeting that race to try to unseat the Republican congressman, Rep. French Hill.

Hill was re-elected easily in 2016 with 58 percent of the vote against an uncompetitive Democrat and a Libertarian. His was one of many Arkansas races where the outcome was never in doubt. Democrats didn’t even field candidates in the other House elections. President Trump was such a shoo-in that Hillary Clinton, Arkansas’ former first lady, didn’t campaign here.

This time, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the House Democrats’ campaign arm, has made the 2nd District one of its targeted races. It already has run radio ads attacking Hill. Continue reading Democrats’ DCCC targeting French Hill

Poll: Few in the middle with Trump

By Steve Brawner

A newly released poll has found that with President Trump, most Arkansas voters have a strong opinion one way or the other, and it’s about half and half. Ideally, those aren’t the results you want in a strong, stable democracy in a big, diverse country.

According to the poll by Talk Business & Politics and Hendrix College, Trump’s approval rating in Arkansas has dropped from 60 percent in February to 50 percent in July, with 47 percent disapproving and only 3 percent having no opinion.

The drop of 10 points is interesting but not shocking. Running for president is easier than being president, which is why all presidents’ hair changes color, including Trump’s. It doesn’t take long for presidents to start offending people, especially when they try to do it.

What’s more notable is the way those numbers break out. Of the 50 percent who approve of Trump, 39 percent strongly approve and only 11 percent somewhat approve. Meanwhile, 40 percent strongly disapprove and only 7 percent somewhat disapprove. Forty percent, the same percentage as strongly disapprove, want him impeached. Continue reading Poll: Few in the middle with Trump